Non-Emergency Number: (256) 820-0530

Welcome to the City of Weaver Volunteer Fire Department

R. Bryant - Nationally registered EMT photo
R. Bryant – Nationally registered EMT and Weaver volunteer

The Weaver Volunteer Fire Department is located at 507 Crosson Street II (across from the park) and is dedicated to serve the Weaver community in times of emergencies. Our volunteers are always ready to respond to a call for help at any time. Once they receive that call, they immediately jump into action to provide the emergency services requested. 

As of the 2020 US census there were 3,339 residents that reside in Weaver. It is our responsibility to provide fire and rescue services whenever an emergency arises. We have 18 active volunteer fire fighters that can access one of our two fire trucks, our rescue truck, our medical response vehicle, or our off-road response vehicle. The off-road response vehicle is mostly utilized for brush fires or fires that occur a good distance from the main paved surface streets. We are also proud to have ten Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMT) which include seven Basic EMT’s, one Intermediate EMT, and two Advanced EMT’s to respond to medical emergencies or injuries.


ISO Rating

The Weaver Fire Department is currently an ISO 5 rated department. ISO or Insurance Services Office determines an ISO rating on a scale from 1-10 with lower numbers being a better score. We are happy to have a score of 5 as it is the national average, but it has also been shown that more rural areas are harder to achieve a lower number than in more urban areas. 

There are many factors that go into the formula to determine an ISO rating, but Weaver is always working towards getting better and better ranking and with community support we can achieve it.